The Missing Factor to the Summer Hockey Equation

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Wondering what you can add as the final piece to a summer / fall hockey puzzle that will best prepare your athlete for fall tryouts.  We have a limited number of 2014 fall team openings at several levels if you’d like to add 3 X 3 to your skaters athletic plan.  You can’t imagine how much the game will slow down for your athlete when they step on to the “big ice” after playing on the studio sheet for a couple of months.  Their confidence, and their ability to execute (with more time and space) will make their game seem both precise & effortless to tryout evaluators and it will occur through all the touches, corner battles, shots, and passes our 3 X 3 continuously provides, not to mention the quick thinking & quick feet that ESP’s version of 3 X 3 demands.  Not sure if you can put a full team into place?  There will likely be single player openings available at most levels if you’d like your athlete to play this fall but he’s a little short on buddies to bring along.  You can contact us through the register page on this site and we’ll be excited to help find a spot for a full or partial team, or a spot on an existing team in need, to accomodate your player for the fall season…

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