The Ideal “Second” sport.

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Other than Ice Hockey, is your son playing a second sport?  Is it soccer, football or baseball? Those sports do provide some benefits in helping your skater become a well- rounded athlete but the biggest bang for your buck, when choosing a second athletic venue to compliment hockey, is playing Lacrosse.  So why is Lacrosse the fastest growing second sport for hockey players?

  1. Similarities of offensive schemes, hand eye, type of body contact, cardio.
  2. No Football or Soccer Nazi’s…  Definition:  Coaches who punish players who are absent in order to attend alternative sporting events like hockey.
  3. The still great potential for playing lacrosse in college.  My own son played for the North Dakota State Bison last season but only played a year of JV Hockey in HS…
  4. Politics has not yet ruined it.
  5. Never too late to start… There are numerous players who start playing lacrosse at 12-13 years old who make their HS teams a few years later.

So check out lacrosse in your community this winter and give your player more than a second sport to play.  Give them one that will truly enhance their hockey skills when they’re off the ice and on a field…

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