Skating is Not Enough

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Is your player a good skater?  Mine was a gifted, graceful, effortless skater… The fastest player on his final year B1 Bantam team and the fastest player on his JV team a year later.  Not just fast either, fast and smooth.  His coaches and teammates commented on it often.  He also had a great attitude and was committed to the fore-check & to back-checking. So why did he get cut after a year of JV under his belt going into his junior year?  Simply because skating isn’t enough to play high level hockey.  He was unselfish to a fault never wanting to make mistakes when the puck was on his stick. He became an accurate passer by giving up the puck all the time, but he was not the creative, confident possessor of the puck he needed to be to continue playing at a higher level. The ESP 3 X 3 helped him substantially, but you have to want to be that player who controls the play and who is willing to put in the time in the garage and on the outdoor rinks too, shooting and stickhandling hours at a time, in order to be comfortable, confident and skilled with the puck on your stick when it’s crunch time.  For those players who want to lead a team skill wise but need to improve on that part of their game the ESP Bubble 3 X 3 leagues are a fun place to do it. They’ll still need garage work but this will add the ice, the game speed, and the opponent into their equation. There are so many touches, shots, & passes on the small rink that it elevates the skill progression rapidly all while having great fun playing in Minnesota’s best 3 X 3.  If you believe skating is enough to play HS hockey or beyond you may want to rethink that. Unless he’s the next Derek Boogaard the NHL will be looking at the skating and the skills. We learned the hard way that one out of two is not enough…

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