Girls Deserve Ladies Only Leagues

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How many times have you seen off season hockey venues mix girls with boys together because they don’t have enough girls to form ladies only levels?  If you’re tired of their excuses, we’d like to invite your daughters to join us in ESP Hockey’s All Girls 3 on 3 Leagues this spring and fall… We won’t tell you it’s easy to build girls only levels because it’s not. There are far fewer girls’ teams in Minnesota and Wisconsin than the boys have and the teams are often smaller but we don’t let that prevent us from doing the work required to make it happen. These leagues will provide young women with the social environment, the skill match, and the commitment to girl’s hockey they deserve.

We currently have limited potential team slots available at all levels, but we primarily need individual players to fill existing teams at the Bubble A U10 level, the Bubble A U12 level, and the Girls HS level. Please contact us to see if your player is a skill fit and we will look to place them on a team that will help them improve their game, have some fun, and make some new friends in the process…

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