The ESP AAA Re-launch is Planned For “Spring 2019”

 AAA Hockey Pending Sponsors Team Cascade & Team Kamazu

Both Team Cascade and Team Kamazu are to be matched equally as to competitiveness at each birth year level. These “sister” AAA Hockey teams at multiple birth-year levels, allow us to reach an economy of scale and to create a built in opponent for home and home games each spring and fall. Shared practices along with the purchasing power this number of total teams creates, allows us to invest in the most impressive outfitting of player gear of any AAA program anywhere in America and to still offer a remarkably low cost AAA product to our families.

Our original AAA teams like the AAA Minnesota Miracle and AAA Minnesota Blizzard who’s founding members players are featured as a tribute in the header of this website, made a positive impression on the off season hockey world in years past. Today we are in negotiations with both Cascade & Kamazu who we believe will be looking to jump on board soon as national sponsors and as partners, based on our track record and future expansion plans. Back in 2004 AAA Hockey was ESP’s first off-season undertaking, and it will continue to be a developmental staple throughout our expanded list of venues. Both teams will be built to compete at a true AAA “open” level of play. This is not “make believe” AAA… We all know teams who are out there misusing the term in order to take your money or to allow parents of less than AAA level players to brag at the water cooler that their skater plays AAA. Our teams will have the talent to win open tournaments, as our product will attract many of the best remaining players after the invitational teams complete their rosters. We will have a stringent coaching candidate screening process to insure your player gets the very best day to day training available.  Each team will be a place where good players can further develop their skills while enjoying the competitive fun that keeps them wanting more. Believe it or not, some development can be gained through games… However it requires evenly matched opponents so to maximize player and team execution. We customize each teams schedule based on the strength of the team. Our staff will work hard to help our coaches assemble teams that will compete with other AAA independents that match the team’s level of play. The spring and fall seasons include a realistic yet reasonably aggressive practice to games ratio, and a superior quantity of ice time. We’ve empowered our league coaches, with an effective developmental guide that creates an opportunity for them to improve player skills and help facilitate the long-term success and loyalty of their players and teams.

Our AAA teams Offer More Of What Hockey Parents Want! Superior Value & Family Friendly…The value per ice hour compared to other AAA hockey opportunities is exceptional.  We have made it a point to virtually eliminate Saturday ice times except for Tournament games.  Sunday ice is primarily scheduled during late afternoon and early evening hours. Many 1.5 hour or longer practices mean less hockey sessions, providing our parents with more available family time and substantially lower fuel expenses.

 We Also Provide What Your Skater Wants! Skilled Competition…Team Cascade & Team Kamazu play independent open level AAA teams of their caliber in addition to each other over the course of their off season schedules. And don’t forget, each team will be entered into four “top flite” AAA hockey tournaments each year as well.

Cool Gear… Our professional quality game jerseys feature National and trademarked team logo’s that your player will be totally psyched to wear…

The Target Team Cascade & Team Kamazu AAA Player Package 

Our exclusive 60/60/60 development program… 60 plus hours of combined spring/fall ice, with a 60/40 development to games ratio. Extensive use of the 60 plus foot wide 120 plus foot long 3 on 3 ice sheet at the Cottage Grove Ice Arena: This outstanding Ice surface not only allows our coaches to provide massive amounts of work for their goaltenders in practice and in scrimmage situations, but it also provides twice as many touches for their skaters, which helps them develop the quick feet, quick hands, and quick thinking, that can not be duplicated on a big sheet. But it doesn’t end there as we’re planning to provide private instruction on ice for goaltenders, private treadmill sessions for our skaters, and small group off ice training, in the following areas:

  1. Strength
  2. Shooting
  3. Stick Handling
  4. Stamina

This off ice training will work to construct a complete athlete, as we simultaneously build their hockey acumen and skill on the ice.

Team Cascade & Team Kamazu will “both” be outfitted with the following gear…

Dynamic Kamazu top-flight game jersey with a “National Corporate Custom Team Logo”.

Matching Kamazu top-flight hockey socks

Kamazu Practice jersey.

K1 Breezer Covers.

Team Helmet Stickers

We will be two of the best-dressed and outfitted groups of teams in America…

But there is something else parents often don’t want to think or talk about that we believe is critically important to provide to all our players.  We want you to understand that we are serious about the safety of your athlete. Not lip service serious, action based serious. So in an unprecedented AAA commitment to that idea, we will be offering the following to each player to assist in injury prevention.

  1. We will provide beginning of season baseline concussion testing.
  2. We will provide a concussion resistant Cascade M11 Helmet for all skaters to use for the entire season.
  3. We will fit all players with a custom mouth-guard each year to further reduce the instances of head trauma.

ESP Hockey has been in the AAA & 3 on 3 off-season hockey business since 2004.  Over the years we have surrounded ourselves with the very best hockey minds in the country and have created what we believe is the most balanced, innovative, and dynamic AAA Hockey opportunity in the Mid-West.  Our future corporate partners believe we have achieved that as well and we would like to invite your athlete to join us in the quest for personal and group excellence that we wish to pursue along side these budding stars in the coming years.





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