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The Original “Bubble Kid” 3 on 3 Hockey LeaguesBest Choice Ribbon

No other 3 on 3 brand offers the perfect balance of fun and discipline that we have perfected over the past 13 years…  

This will be the most fun your hockey player will have all year, and they won’t even know they’re elevating their individual skills at a substantially accelerated rate, while simply playing in games. Elite players have numerous off-season training options available to fine tune their skills, but players on the bubble have had to settle for inferior developmental venues…  Until now!!!  Players who fall on both sides of “association level bubbles” are eligible to play. We are focusing on developing “fringe players” who seek an edge that allows them to leapfrog their privileged association rivals with the multiple levels of play listed below.

Highlights: 1. Naturally teaches creating triangles all over the ice.  2. Goaltenders get more shots and players get more touches than any two 5 on 5 games will provide.  3. Your defenders will learn how to stop odd man rushes, and your forwards will learn how to convert them.

Want some assurances that our above developmental claims are not overstated?  Click on the video below and see the statistical proof that USA Hockey and the NHL have documented which should make your choice to participate in 3 on 3 hockey pretty easy! 

As enlightening as the above video is in demonstrating the absolute benefits of small area play, we take it over the top by making it real hockey on a fully enclosed, perfectly proportional, reduced sized rink pictured below…

A Developmental Gem is Uncovered In Cottage Grove…  As small area, cross-ice and tight space games continue to be implemented within association hockey, we’ve already perfected it. Our developmental gem of a facility is the Studio Rink located at >>> the  Cottage Grove Ice Arena.  This 130’ X 65’  rink with full boards and glass provides the true flow of a hockey game using a reduced sized ice sheet. Right sized venues for 3 on 3 hockey “fully accomplish” what small area games are meant to offer developmentally. The keys to that extra benefit are the proportionate dimensions, and a fully enclosed ice surface. This unique rink is the foundation of a developmentally superior hockey model that our 3 on 3 leagues have become. It will also be an intricate part of the developmental plan we’re constructing for the re-launch of our enhanced AAA hockey program in 2019.

Additional reasons why “ESP Hockey’s 3 on 3” is tops in Minnesota.   Another primary ESP objective is to create real parody between teams at each level. Parody is a huge developmental benefit in and of itself.  Athletes need to be making plays against those with similar skill in order for effective individual techniques and uniform team execution to occur.

Let’s compare ESP Hockey’s 3 on 3 to our “competitors” small ice venues… Where our competitors have “A” & “C” level players on the ice at the same time and even have “girls and boys playing together”, ESP offers all boys leagues & girls only leagues at multiple levels for each, because we understand & embrace the differences between girls & boys ice hockey. We want our young men & young women to receive all the unique developmental benefits 3 on 3 provides. It’s critical that players and teams are evenly matched. Our multiple skill levels along with separate boys and girls levels insure that. Everyone knows lower skilled athletes do not challenge and push stronger players, i.e. skating around cones… Higher skilled players and or teams, smother lower skilled competitors and don’t allow them the chance to execute. In both instances development is impeded. Coaches who are assembling teams in our leagues are provided with tools and guidance from our staff in which to select the right players. There are differences in the median level of skill between large and small associations. We address those differences so each assembled team has similarly skilled players and all games are competitive no matter where the teams originate from. In addition we track all spring game scores and then adjust opponents for fall based on which teams should play each other more or less per those outcomes getting us even closer to ideal parody.

It’s also important to understand this is not an undisciplined “pond hockey” venue. Mountain pond hockey*Face-offs, touch up off-sides, holding the zone etc., which are all critical parts of a players game each winter, are all components of a disciplined style of play that we’ve created which does five critically important things.       1. It develops higher individual skill & proficiency in those areas. 2. It produces a far more intense & serious level of play compared to 3 X 3 that features “lax” rules, such as “take-outs” after goals, off ice officiating, and cherry picking, all of which foster undisciplined, uninspired play. 3. It introduces man on man defense. 4. It generates quick recognition of change of possession thereby creating odd man rushes.  5. It requires a committed effort to maintain offensive possession in tight zones…

*Speaking of face-offs… Here’s a video on face-off techniques that can help your centers gain more possessions for their 3 on 3 team!

Remember… We have been doing 3 on 3 longer than any one else. Longer than the majority of the 3 on 3 ice sheets in Minnesota have even existed… So why has ESP Hockey had 11 straight years of 3 on 3 league growth, and how were we able to field 50 teams spanning multiple boys and girls levels in 2015?  Because we have it down ice cold!       

PROJECTED BOYS LEVELS (level inclusions and omissions vary year by year)

Boy Player in PencilBubble Pony Mite 4 League [Primarily very Strong Level #2 & solid level #3 Mites. Level #4 mites that were role players this past winter season and smaller & younger first year squirt C’s with similar skill will also play] 2018 ESP 3 on 3 Bubble Pony Mite Brochure

Bubble B1 Squirt League [Top B-2 or C squirts or B1 squirt role players from this past winter season] 2018 3 on 3 Squirt Bubble B1 Brochure

Bubble A Squirt League [Top B-1 Squirts or A squirt role players from this past winter season] 2018 3 on 3 Squirt Bubble A Brochure

Bubble B1 Peewee League [Top B-2 peewees or B1 peewee role players or solid second year squirt A’s from this past winter season] 2018 3 on 3 Peewee Bubble B1 Brochure

Bubble A Peewee League [Top B-1 peewees or A peewee role players from this past winter season] 2018 3 on 3 Peewee Bubble A Brochure

Bubble AA Peewee League [Top A peewees or AA peewee role players from the past season] 2018 3 on 3 Peewee Bubble AA Brochure

Bubble B2 Bantam League  [Strong 1st year Bantam C players and 1st year role player Bantam B2’s from this past winter.  Second year Peewee B1’s going to Bantams next winter can also play] 2018 ESP 3 on 3 Bubble B2 Bantam Brochure

Bubble B1 Bantam League [Top B-2 bantams or B1 bantam role players or solid second year peewee A’s from this past winter season] 2018 3 on 3 Bantam Bubble B1 Brochure

Bubble A Bantam League [Top B1 Bantams or BTM A role players from this past winter season] 2018 3 on 3 Bantam Bubble A Brochure

Bubble AA Bantam League [Top A Bantams or Bantam AA role players this past winter season] 2018 3 on 3 Bantam Bubble AA Brochure

Bubble Varsity HS League [A mix of JV & Varsity players who are 9th through 11th  graders this winter will be the primary players. Solid Bantam AA players that are a lock to play HS hockey next winter will round out teams] 2018 3 on 3 HS Bubble Varsity Brochure

PROJECTED GIRLS LEVELS (level inclusions and omissions vary year by year)

Bubble “10” U-8 League [Primarily solid final year U8 players from this past winter along with U8 early move up roster fill in’s who played U10B. 1st year U10B age role players some newer to the game will also play] 2018 ESP 3 on 3 Bubble 10 – U8 Brochure

Bubble A U-10 League [Top U10B players or U10A role players from this past Girl skater in Pencilwinter season] 2018 3 on 3 U10 Bubble A Brochure

Bubble A U-12 League [Strong U12 B players or U12A role players & very solid U10A players from this past winter season] 2018 3 on 3 U12 Bubble A Brochure

Bubble A U15 League [1st year U-15 “B Plus” skilled players along with solid U12A’ s from this past winter season] 2018 ESP 3 on 3 Bubble A U15 Brochure

The above boys and girls levels constitute a natural progression and continuation of development which allows for a seamless transition year after year to the next appropriate level.  We have numerous coaches who have put teams together in our 3 on 3 program for 5 or more consecutive years and they believe it has developed their players in ways 5 on 5 hockey simply can not.  Come association tryouts their players routinely demonstrate superior ice vision, better puck control in tight areas, quicker decision making, quicker recognition of change of possession, and more explosive acceleration… If your athlete needs to improve in any of those areas, our 3 on 3 is the perfect venue, and they’ll have great fun getting there…

ESP Select Hockey believes that the 18 total game hours of 3 on 3 hockey (split over two seasons) is equal to 25 hours or more of any generic big ice 5 on 5 venue. We can make that claim based on the value of the speed, the number of touches, and the playmaking opportunities your player will experience in 3 on 3 games that they won’t get on a full sized ice sheet. To top it all off we offer our 3 on 3 at an equal to or lower cost than other off-season game oriented hockey leagues. Our unique 3 on 3 offering is virtually the only “game oriented venue” that will actually develop player skill. And it’s a hoot!

Additional Details: *USA Hockey Certified Referees (Level 3 or above – many are NCAA & MSHSL certified) Herb and TJ*The exciting use of “penalty shots” will be the substitute for teams playing  “shorthanded” when major or minor infractions occur in the games…

Here’s a video tutorial demonstrating classic penalty shot & shootout moves that our 3 X 3 players can try!

ESP 3 on 3 teams are 9 skaters & 1 goalie minimum, 12 skaters & 2 goalies maximum per team. FYI…  a team of 10, or better yet 11 Skaters & a Goalie, can effectively cover those inevitable individual player conflicts via other athletic venues, vacations etc. By lowering the price per player even further, and with it requiring only 12 trips to the rink for 18 hours of ice, we make it easy to harness this as a final add on for any family! 

ESP Select Hockey absolutely believes that 6 – 90 minute hockey games in the spring and 6 more in the fall is a manageable addition to any off season plan. Many of our players participate in other venues and make this a final add on to cap off their out of season selections.  It’s an affordable, unique, and totally fun venue that fills in the remaining blanks of any off season strategy.

We Have Been a Part of the Rise of a Large Number of Elite Players! The first wave of players who began their hockey journey back in the first few years of our 3 on 3 are now beyond High School level and are following their dreams to play hockey professionally.

Below is a list of some of the hockey players who have reached the next and even higher levels as now talented young men.

NHL Draft Choices nhl draft logo 2013 Michael Brodzinski 2013 Draft San Jose Sharks, (Minnesota Gophers) Hudson Fasching 2013 Draft Los Angeles Kings, (Minnesota Gophers) Blake Heinrich 2013 Draft Washington Capitals, Jake Guentzel 2013 Draft Pittsburg Penguins, (Nebraska Omaha Mavericks) Jake Jackson 2013 Draft San Jose Sharks.

USHL Players C.J. Franklin Sioux Falls Stampede,(Minnesota State Mavericks) Hayden Shaw Waterloo Black Hawks, Dylan Steman Cedar Rapids Rough Riders, Luke Voltin Lincoln Stars.

Former British Columbia Hockey League Player – Tony Bretzman Langley Rivermen (Notre Dame Fighting Irish)

NAHL Players Blake Kelley Coulee Region Chill, Mario Bianchi Minnesota Magicians, Darian Romanko Minnesota Wilderness & (2015 Minnesota Gophers), Luke Dietsch Austin Bruins, Mac Jansen Coulee Region Chill, Cullen Willox Bismark Bobcats, Dominic Nitti Brookings Blizzard, Colin Hernon Minnesota Wilderness, Lance Carney Coulee Region Chill, Robb Stautz Odessa Jackalopes, Ian Janco Rio Grand Valley Killer Bees, Blake Cates Coulee Region Chill, Nick Anderson Wenatchee Wild, Patrick Munson Fairbanks Ice Dogs, Joey Lindberg Port Huron Fighting Falcons, Jack Stang Brookings Blizzard.

We are quite confident each of the above named players would tell you that our 3 on 3 was a hoot and that it’s a great place to hone your skills.

Here’s another interesting question for you to consider… Why do you think the NHL recently went to a 3 on 3 overtime format and the 3 on 3 All-Star Challenge as well?  Could it be that they also now understand what we’ve already learned about all the excitement and action 3 on 3 hockey provides…

Still not sure if it’s right for you or yours? Take a peek at the U-Tube video below and then decide!

You can contact Dave Waddington at (651) 714-8500 or click on the “Registration Link” on the site and email him directly from the Contact Button located there in order to discuss your squad’s eligibility, and to secure a slot for your team. Levels fill quickly so don’t delay…

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