11 Straight Years of Growth

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So how is it ESP 3 on 3 has experienced eleven straight years of growth when economically speaking it probably shouldn’t have happened.  There’s only one way that could occur in these challenging times and it boils down to overall value.  When you measure cost, puck time, action, sheer fun, and playing against similarly skilled competitors, ESP 3 on 3 is simply unmatched. Our past 2015 season featured 50 teams spanning 4 girls levels and 6 boys levels with the perfect amount of ice hours that allow it to compliment AAA or in season sports participation. The unique benefits of 3 on 3 on a right sized rink help build a complete player and many parents and coaches want it as the final piece of their off season hockey development puzzle.

As our Bantam A group from last season moves on to HS we will replace them with another 5-6 team group that will fill our Bubble B Squirt level.  As for the other levels we will be looking to add two new teams to our 2015 U10’s moving next winter to U12 and two new teams for U15 girls moving to HS next winter. Those will replace our highest girls level of 2015, who are now embedded within their HS teams this current winter. We anticipate there may only be 1 team opening in what will be 2016’s U12A, Bantam A, Bantam B, & PWA, Peewee B, and Squirt A levels with our 90% historical retention rate so coaches should contact us early to reserve a team slot at those aforementioned levels…

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